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Some thoughts…

April 19, 2011

Much I want to write about:
– the ways I am wrestling and seeking to love my children better.
– the ways S is growing, stretching, changing, and how difficult it is.
– the intensity of SF.
– how I am learning to let go of certain “natural” goals, in favor of balance, friends, and seeking what truly is most important for my family.
– how much I want to simplify our life, and bring more order, beauty, and routine to it.
– how grateful I am for friends, as we mothers are all struggling. It is encouraging being with others, and realizing I’m not alone.
– the beauty of our walk this evening, and being together as a family.
– my hopes for meal-planning and budgeting together tonight, and my gratefulness for a quick trip to the grocery store (without a meal plan) and putting our boys down peacefully tonight for bed. There went my plans. Thank You Lord for having better plans.
– the importance of meeting our most basic needs: sleep, food, and love.


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