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Inner work – writing my mission statement.

May 23, 2011

What do you feel called to do and to be?
To be joyful, patient, and loving. To become a better mother. To teach, to inspire.

What are you passionate about?
My children, motherhood, loving others well, seeking to simplify, and seeking to live a more healthy life. Cooking, playing outside, and deepening relationships.

What were you passionate about before you had kids?
Deepening relationships, reading and swimming, teaching others.

What are two strengths that you have?
Love for others and leading others.

How could you use these two strengths?
Caring for my family, developing relationships with friends, leading groups. Eventually, teaching.

How does your homemaking and raising a beautiful family fit into doing something for the rest of the world?
Opening the doors of my home, bringing others in. Sharing my life. Encouraging others. Seeking You. Praying for others. Praying with others.

What are the things you model for your children that you are most proud of?
Joy. Friendships. Caring for others.

If you had to name three things that are your top values, what would they be?
Relationships, community, and my family. And being outside in Your creation.

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