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Counting my blessings

May 24, 2011

– making popcorn today.
– Simon feeding himself each popped kernel of corn: “pinch, pinch, pinch.”
– Going to the football field yesterday and PLAYING together as a family.
– Tossing tennis balls together.
– Running this morning.
– Seeing beautiful blue flowers, llamas, and a bright blue sky on my run.
– Visiting with a sweet friend in the midst of my run, and waving a happy hi to another friend.
– Kneading bread yesterday.
– Stan putting the boys down tonight!
– A moment of peace, quiet, and calm.
– Sitting on the porch with the wind rustling the aspen leaves.
– Reading Ann’s when what you’ve got doesn’t feel enough post, so true: “Our enough is always in the now, because He never leaves us… He is enough.” My two sons are enough.
– Making dinner–I did it! 🙂 (always a struggle)
– Clean sheets on our beds.
– A tidy living space.
– silly pretty nail polish. Makes me smile. The boys delight in it, too.

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  1. July 13, 2012 6:38 pm

    Your last one made me laugh. I got my second pedicure ever this week. Do you remember my first one? It was with you! : ) My sweet boy has been so curious about my painted toes since then!!

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