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Monday, Oct 3

October 4, 2011

So, my days continue to feel haphazard and though I’m chasing whatever needs to done. I feel more reactive than proactive, and I’m aiming to change that.

So, my meals:
breakfast – oatmeal (it’s made!)
lunch – pb&j bagels
snack – smoothie
dinner – vegetables and sausage.
prep – soak beans, then cook in slow cooker.
fun – make cookies with cookie cutters with S&SF.

Plans for the day:
– run around returning things.
– PLAY outside – park or Children’s Museum?
– meet up with R-MWC alum?
– read several books. bible verse after breakfast.
– Print – verse checklist

And more importantly, counting up grace!
– As I was driving up the mountain, I heard “today’s verse: ‘if you seek for me wholeheartedly, you will find Me.'” SO true!
– Kind checkout lady at Sam’s, helped me clean up an accident and gave me a tissue for SF’s nose.
– At grocery store, tho running late, several cashiers smiled at me. Though I dislike the store, it isn’t as bad as it first was, and I feel a part of the neighborhood.
– I made it up the mountain on time!
– EVERYTHING came together perfectly. Thank YOU!
– SJ LOVED his time with our boys.
– We can’t wait to camp again soon.
– S’s tightsqueeze hugs! Wearing him today. Reading with him.
– SF’s tipping his head left-right-left when he talks, “I want to [tip-tip-tip] hold my bicycle”. Ha! Adorable. Where’d he get this?!
– a chocolate bar. mmmm.
– Seeking You. Seeking grace. Being softened. Hungering for more of You.

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