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October 22, 2011

Joining you for the first time. Nervous. And pecking this out on my phone, too. [oops, I didn’t actually manage to “link up” in time. Next time I will!!]

Beyond myself, the messiness of my kitchen. Beyond the compelling urge to check social media (email! facebook! website for the moms’ group I organize!!!). Beyond my sick tired husband. Beyond the pettiness of do others like me, am I “cool” (really, still battling this stupid tussle at 29?!) and do the ‘popular’ moms like me? Do I matter? Beyond my clinging whining children, beyond all of this and straight to You.

How do I cling to You? Loving my husband, respecting his need to be quiet and alone? Scooping up my sweet children, even and especially when they whine? Loving the moms in my group, seeking to build, unite, draw together, and welcome each person, even and especially if I’m wanting to be liked. Tending to my children first, rather than seeking friends for me. Learning how to let go of this computer ‘itch’ (thanks Lisa-Jo!), to focus on You and what IS in front of me. Desperately needing You–who thankfully are far beyond the pettiness of today–as You see things with Your eternal persecutive. I will choose to cling to You.

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