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teetering between grumpiness and gratitude

December 18, 2011

It’s tricky to write this, as I don’t want to grumble about the parts of today that irritated me.

Our family began our morning on a cheerful note, then there were a couple pesky little things bothered me, and then on to more positive things. Then to a workshop at a local hardware store. We arrived in time to get the last two trains to build, we saw two friends, and a kind employee offered to help us. And then more pesky things really irritated me. Then we left.

I yelled at my boys on our drive home.

And I realized I had a choice. I could focus on EVERYTHING that was bugging me, or fight and strain and stretch to see the moments that were good. So I started counting and thanking God for each moment of our day. Slowly and intentionally going through each part. It was easier to count the good moments:
– Thank you for the cheerful greeting from S, and his kind words to SF.
– Thank you for my beloved making me coffee.
– Thank you for the oatmeal we ate for breakfast (only the bottom burned, and we trickled a little bit of maple syrup on it as a special treat).
– Thank you for the ways I DIDN’T fight the boys to get out the door, and for the ways S is able to willingly obey and dress himself.
– Thank you for the longer and not frustrating walk with our dog.
– Thank you that we left pretty close to ‘on time’, and made it to the store in time to make the trains.

And then the more frustrating parts, and saying thanks for these moments as well.

On our day went, and I kept being confronted with the fact I must choose to say thanks, and it is a choice whether I become bothered and mad, or thankful and patient.

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  1. Growing Flowers permalink
    December 18, 2011 10:03 am

    I totally agree. It’s one thing to know this – a good first step for me. But then the struggle of REMEMBERING to do it in the moment. Good for you – and such a good reminder. Yes, yes and yes!!!

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