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Reflecting on aspects of our Christmas season

January 7, 2012

Tricky to write, when there is much that could be said:
– I’m grateful for Stan, and the ways he loves our family. Exhausted, sick, and drained from one of the busiest days of the year at work, he still chooses to love me and go with my decision, even if he thinks it’s a bit silly. He helped to move our family out of our home, which really does feel like home, across town into a friend’s home. She is out of town for a week, so we’re house-sitting, and grateful her home is big enough for our extended family to all be together. We packed up our truck at 8pm, just when our boys should have been in bed.
– I felt as though my Advent season began as I desired, and yet rather than drawing nearer to God, I lost my focus, became distracted, and didn’t “do” the things I had hoped. That was discouraging.
– And yet, I am continuing to grow in my faith, and I was reflecting much this season. Finally I feel myself breaking free from many of the standard traditions at Christmastime, and I am glad for that. I’ve been wrestling with what IS my focus, where do I place my emphasis, and what are the things I am seeking.
– Surprising how I continue to grow, and ‘get’ different parts of the Christmas story. Mary was laboring. Really and truly. Aching, with contractions, opening, and surrendering. With SO much unknown, and simply focused on birthing her baby. That’s what and all she knew. I haven’t really pondered this part of the story…
– We could give no gifts to one another, and truly give our gifts to Christ. Woah. If He said what you do to the least, you do to me; we could give really shift our focus and give gifts to the least among us. That’d be a huge change, to have no gifts under the Christmas tree for one another on Christmas morning, and instead seek to give to those who have less.
– We could give three gifts to our children: one need, one want, and one spiritual/educational/growth gift. Hmmm, I like the intentionality and focus of this.
– I love the different things we have done together this Advent/Christmas season. We had an Advent wreath, and we lit candles for many of our meals. It was good to pray before we ate, and to read some Bible verses after many of our meals. I’d like to be more intentional next year.

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