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March 9, 2012

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Today I was empty. Drained and without anything to give, and a dear friend simply scooped up my heart and loved me. She said come over with your sick kids. Here is breakfast and coffee. And we met with other friends for our faith-based book club. As it was going roughly for many of our kids, I realized I needed to back up and open us with prayer. And I did, fumbling and tripping over my words, not finding myself, but simply so grateful to begin (again) with thanks, and asking for Christ’s strength, peace, and love to cover us while we were together. Before we left, she gave us lunch, a much-needed change of clothes for my son, and a hug warmed my heart, saying you are loved.

And then we went to pick up patches to sew in the scuffed knees, and the cashier graciously rang up with a coupon for every single item. A gift, seeing You meet me in every interaction.

Once home, I nursed SF down for his nap. When he woke up and needed me to “pat [his] back” to fall back asleep, S lay down, too, and the thirty minutes we three rested together nourished my body and soul.

And this evening, simply holding my sons, really looking in their eyes, and just BEING with them where they were was enough. I was empty, but the space to simply BE together was sufficient. SF with a fever, both boys crying, and just holding one another: it was good.

You meet us when we are empty, and You. are. Enough.

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