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Striving to slow down

April 29, 2012

I have been learning it is good to slow down. I’m striving to say no more. It’s really hard for me to say no, but I am admiring when I hear others say ‘no’. One of the books I’m reading talks about how important it is to stop and rest. He talks about turning our hearts toward God for our Daily Office (at set times each day: stopping to BE with God) and the Sabbath (taking one day OFF each week: as God IS in control of everything, HE can stop and rest, and when we can slow down and rest to be with Him, we are renewed). I’m not yet doing either, but I’m striving to do both.

Sometimes I need to catch my breath, for this business of mothering and raising children feels so holy, and as though I’m standing on sacred ground. Oh how I love S and SF!

On a day when I was drained and exhausted, I said no to getting together with others, and spent the day with my boys. The day before, S asked if we could go to see if there was any snow left, and so I said yes. Off we went up the mountain. And I am SO grateful this was how we spent our afternoon. It was such a gift, truly stopping to BE with S and SF and Rusty. BEING outdoors. Being with God. Laughing. Hopping across the stream. SF being so grumpy when he first woke up, and snuggling and kissing and hugging him until he was laughing with me. Wrestling through the important work of little boys: dragging a metal structure across the snow, collecting bottles, chasing a stick as it drifted down the snow-melt stream, tossing pine cones, slipping on the snow, leaping across the stream, brothers each finding a magnificent Stick, and playing TOGETHER.

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