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So blessed

May 18, 2012

Oh the past few days have been so good. Tuesday we went to PE, and it was a field day. So much fun to see all of the kids playing together, and such fun games. Alas, S wasn’t quite in the mood to play…

Tuesday – field day, played at a friend’s, helped make dinner together, visited for a bit with two new friends.

Wednesday – my friend M watched boys, I went for a run, sang doxology. Showered, picked up boys. Ran up to park, surprise!!! Sweet friends greeted me. Then off to another friend’s for lunch. So peaceful and yummy! Then a drive, SF’s nap, ice cream, and played at park. visited with several sweet friends. then home, saw my beloved!! Yippee. Dinner and then a movie and popcorn with boys. 🙂 what a perfect birthday, welcoming this new decade of Life!!

Thursday – scrumptious breakfast!! Then slow morning. Big cry from S. And finally all out the door to go hike and play outside. SO good to PLAY together. All tired. After dinner, went for a run with my four year old while my husband put our two year old to bed. Then caught up on some computer stuff. And to bed tooooo late.

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