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Five Minute Friday: Risk

June 21, 2012

So, Lisa-Jo has a lovely weekly challenge: write for five minutes flat. No editing, going back, or changing what you say. Just WRITE, and don’t worry if it’s right. Then link up, and encourage the person who posted before you.

Today’s prompt: Risk.

Do you see the risk in this picture? Precariously perched on the couch, young boys examining a map of the world. What WILL they choose to do? Where will they go? What does their future hold?

Anyways, back to responding to today’s Five Minute Friday prompt.



– I keep wanting and starting to write, but catching myself before I really begin.

– I’m nervous about our upcoming move. So many things I’m hoping to change, to “reset”, to begin anew. I’m scared I’ll quickly slump into the same-old-same-old routine… I want to put away my phone, sleep enough, eat well, have quiet/nap time each day at home, connect and PLAY with my boys, learn more about Hand in Hand parenting, and do better with raising my boys.

– I guess risk ALWAYS means I need to get up, and do SOMETHING. Doesn’t matter what, I just need to get started. And sometimes, that is what I dread… getting started. Though I suppose if I’d only begin–and persevere, then I could do so much. There is so much good we can accomplish, if only we would get up and DO something.


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  1. June 22, 2012 12:20 am

    Hi Sarah-Anne,
    Just visiting from the five minute friday link up. I liked your train of thought–that risk requires action. We often jump ahead to images of failure and forget to just start sometimes.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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