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“There’s just one thing–“

September 9, 2012

My grandpa has been saying this a lot lately:

G-pa – “There’s just one thing.”
My mom – “what’s that?”
G – “There’s just one thing…”
M – “Yeah?”
G – deep sigh. “There’s just one thing..”
M – “Dad, what’s the one thing?
G – “I love you.”

He tells his wife–my grandma–and his children whenever he sees them. He tells his wife this many times each day, and his children this–verbatim–multiple times in an afternoon visit. His mind isn’t as sharp as it once was (and he has been a brilliant, intelligent, and insightful man during the nine decades in which he’s lived), he’s forgetful, he doesn’t always remember the different members of his extended family; AND YET, he knows this, in the core of his being. There is just ONE thing.

I love you.

Everything, when it is boiled down to it’s core, comes down to this.

How well are you loving? How are you loving the people around you? Love is all that matters.

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