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quick update

September 30, 2012

So, a quick update:
We moved over the summer, to a REALLY good home for us. Our boys have the space to PLAY. My husband’s semester is going better than we ever imagined, and we’re seeing him more consistently than previous semesters. I went on a retreat, it was so nourishing and refreshing, and I wanted to keep the momentum going. I signed up for a parenting class, and though it has been really good, I haven’t been able to focus my attention on it as I had hoped. I’ve been pretty busy lately: I heard a still small quiet voice asking me to step down from leading the moms’ group I’ve been in charge of for almost the last two years. I am in the process of doing so. I’m preparing to travel to visit family. I long to be homeschooling more, and yet I struggle with making this my priority every day. I am grateful for how much, how well, and how frequently my boys play. I believe children need the time and space to do this.But I want to change my focus so I am more focused on teaching them, being with them, and loving them.

I keep desiring to blog and share, but I continue to wrestle with who I’m writing for, and what my point/purpose is in sharing.

Today I read a blog where someone prayed, “God change my heart“, and I ache to do the same, so I am focused on being a mother. I ache to love my boys well. So much goes well, but those moments when things don’t go well: yuck. How to emphasize and focus on the good, be proactive and preventative, and not reactive? How to prepare, rather than clean up the damage? Only with You. Only with You.

Time for bed.

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