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December 1, 2012

Oh today has been a day of wrestling. Unsettled in my soul. My throat hurts. And I just feel uneasy, and grumbly.

I’ve been with sweet friends, we saw Peter Pan, both boys were splendid! My friend’s stocky little baby slept on my lap, Simon held his hand. The play was really sweet. She then willingly invited me to join her at Sam’s. I’ve tackled a bunch of dishes. I made dinner. We were on time to the play! But late to scooters tonight. And I felt lonely. Then had a nice visit with a sweet friend. Picked up my boys, came home and saw Stan. Had dinner together, but our boys were beyond ready for bed, so dinner felt chaotic. And I just have been too restless to sleep. Silly, because my body craves sleep, and my heart craves reading my bible; but my mind is uneasy or restless. And I’ve sat on my couch far too long. Dreading all the things on our calendar…grumbling with the idea of being home. Uneasy. And needing sleep more and more.

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