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It’s the little things

December 2, 2012

I am soaking some dough tonight, and when I immersed my hands in the flour,mixing the flour and water and honey and oil and seeds felt like praying to me. So deeply satisfying to my soul, so immersed in the moment, so real, and so good.

And yesterday a friend gave me a bracelet. I have recently been mulling over the idea of getting a silver bracelet and inscribing it with some words that would encourage me during my days. Though this bracelet looks nothing like what I was considering getting, the beads match up perfectly with what I wanted it to say. It feels like–in the tiniest of ways–God is telling me I love you, I hear you, I’m meeting your wants, and trust me, I will meet your needs, too.

Our Christmas tree is now inside, and oh how fragrant it smells. Classical Christmas songs play on pandora on my phone. Our dishes are done, and oh how peaceful our home feels. S and SF looked at books quietly in their beds just before their papa turned out their lights, and bedtime was peaceful. SJ said he’d put our boys down, if I wanted. And ohhh what a gift that was. I could walk away. And do whatever I wanted. I am grateful I chose to do things I needed to do, and so grateful SJ was helping our boys fall asleep. I moved a load of laundry to the dryer. I made our beef stew (that I feared I wouldn’t get to tonight). And began soaking our bread and bagels (I haven’t baked these in months!). In the smallest of things, the tiniest of details, I feel at peace.

I am grateful, oh so grateful.

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