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Counting up blessings

December 3, 2012

Upside down things were blessings today:
–being slightly sick meant that every time I raised my voice with my boys, I almost couldn’t speak afterward. Yay for having my tone/volume checked!
–being OFF of fb has me far more connected and peaceful with my boys. And I’m striving to simply cut back with looking at my phone, period.
–SF’s many accidents are reminding me how much nicer things go, when we simply stay home! Very few accidents here, many away from home.

And nothing upside down about them–straight up blessings:
–the sunrise was GLORIOUS this morning!!! I kept running outside to see it again, and see how it had changed. 🙂

–I long–and am beginning to so look forward to–get up early so I can begin each day with prayer and my Bible. Today, I read in 1 John that God IS love, and we love because he loved us.
–I wrestled and sought to LOVE my boys today. We worked hard at getting out the door on time, worked together in the stores (surrounded by the sea of endless wants), bought food when all of us were feeling cranky (and what a relief that was!! All of us felt so much better), finally played at a park, and I kept seeking to be patient with them, especially when things weren’t going the way I wanted them to go (though so challenging with whining, dawdling, not listening or responding, and inappropriate/rude/unkind words!). I am grateful for the peace that covered our day together.
–The car behind me honking a quick “over here!” to a homeless man, as they gave him something; answering my boys’ questions as to why he was homeless, if he eats, how he might feel, how we can love/what we can do; then at the next light, seeing the car beside me stalled, and as the driver hopped out to push it across one of the busiest roads here, a man ran across the street and started pushing the car with the driver so it’d be off the road. I could barely explain to S&S what I had seen, as I was choking back tears, overwhelmed by the ways people–strangers–were simply showing love to each other.

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