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Simply being together, reflecting on yesterday and today.

December 5, 2012

Yesterday I was so grateful to spend so much time reading with my boys! We plopped down on the couch and I read aloud with them from 9:30-12:30, almost without a break! There was a quick bathroom break, and I needed to refill a couple drinks for me (coffee, licorice tea(mmmm!!!), and water). We worked on our memory verse, read our story bible, then our Sonlight stories (the homeschool curriculum we’re following for pre-k), then read several library books and then some library books about Peter Pan (thankfully I received an email reminder that we’re going to see this play this week! So I picked up a couple books from the library), and I think we only stopped reading because my voice was done and we were so hungry. As soon as we got up from the couch, both boys had meltdowns from hunger. But then, after pb&j’s we were ready for our Advent crafts! I am following the Truth in the Tinsel ebook, and though a couple days behind (we did Day One and Day Two on day four), we had so much fun!! I don’t feel very good at creating or planning crafts–and so we never do them–but all three of us had so much fun! We made little light ornaments and little crowns.



Then rest time for everyone (and oh how I tried to cram in so much on my phone, since our computer is currently completely broken, and I’m striving to minimize the time I spend looking at my phone when the boys are awake), then out the door to play at the park! It was sweet, we played with an old friend of ours at a lesser known tiny park, and all our boys PLAYED!!! And we managed to visit!! Double yay! AND I realized my phone was way across the park, and I didn’t care. I didn’t “need” to check emails, I didn’t “need” to capture their exuberance with my camera (though I am grateful when I do, and a little wistful I didn’t snap even one playing together), I didn’t “need” my phone so we could plan our next play date on our calendars. It was freeing, to just be together. And so good to talk about our lives! The good, the hard: all of it. Encouraging, to hear of meal ideas and similar struggles; affirming, to realize how good it has been for me to step down from leading my beloved moms’ group so I can focus more on my boys (and lately, so good to have stepped back from Fb!); nice to reflect how GOOD life is, and especially how much I am enjoying waking up early, simply to read my bible (and you KNOW how much of a night owl I am and how I struggle to wake up in the ams!!). I loved seeing our boys in their “office” (within a bush, or under a scraggly tree), brandishing tree limbs, dashing around as Cars characters, and PLAYING. Sometimes I forget how easy it is to get out the door to play at a park, and I’m so glad we went. For all of us.

Then home, talking on the phone with my mom (I am so grateful for our friendship!!), making a quick dinner, and vacuuming up (what a treat it is to have a new vacuum, that works well and is fun to use!). Then we ate together (so grateful we see Stan most nights, even with how busy he is), and then bed. Lately we have started to let our boys bring books into bed with them, and wow! They intently and peacefully turn the pages, and then we turn out the lights, and they are out. I can hardly believe it. Bedtime has been a struggle for YEARS. I’ve stopped Simon’s naps, and certainly playing outside helps, but it is such a gift to see them so peaceful, and to not have this struggle.

Nasty sore throat last night, slept in today, and thankfully feeling a bit better today. A friend came over (I think we’ve been trying to get together for months now!), lots of visiting for her and I, and our kids RAN around and played outside. Made mudpies, a mess on the porch, and dug a bit in the dirt. And played a lot in a big box inside. Thankfully they were a little late, so we managed to pick up a little and finish our breakfasts. And ha! The conversation I had with my boys over our oatmeal: if we don’t finish our food, then we’ll say things like stupid and fck and poopy and pee, and we’ll rip our favorite toys out of their hands; but if we DO eat, then we’ll say kind things! And hand them our toys! Yes, even our favorite ones! And play with them!!! (Oh yay, says this mama! And I breathe a quick prayer, PLEASE let them have eaten enough food so their tanks are full, and Lord help them to be kind with our somewhat new friends!!)

Then they left, and oh my heart feels nourished. She’s noticed, in the months she’s known me, how I’m at peace, and how my faith is deepening, and how she sees Him reflected in me. I struggle, I see the areas I want to change and grow; yet I am so thankful for how my faith keeps going deeper, and I am seeing God and His goodness, and I am so thankful. Everywhere; everything, I see Him. And I am seeing how all things point to Him, and are working together for His good and His glory.
Here’s a little friend who just joined me:

And, my boys are supposed to be resting. My little jack in the box (Simon) kept getting up. It’s been quiet for a bit, and this is what I found. He must’ve had a lovely time playing earlier today!



Now, time to take care of my kitchen. Be blessed, dear ones.

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