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D’s departure for CO

March 29, 2013

3.5.13 – (So, I kind of need to remember my blog password to log in and WRITE! Here I am! Whew, glad I remembered it. :))

Today it felt like there was a bit of a thin spot, where Heaven and Earth felt a little closer, where I could feel God’s heartbeat and felt in sync with Him.

A good friend of my husband’s just headed up to CO for rehab. He was in an accident on February 17th, and was paralyzed from his shoulders down.

Today, my husband bolted awake: “I’m off to the store to get food for their trip!” And S merrily started to hop into our bed, but dashed off to get dressed and join his papa on their quick trip to the store. That was a gift: for my husband to be home (as often he is studying), for him to head to the store, for S to join his papa, and the few minutes of quiet at home. Then our boys and their papa JUMPED on the trampoline, so happy to BE together.

We went to the hospital to see our friends. There were about 15-25 friends, and at least four or five sweet pups. My husband cared for our boys. Their sweet dog was handed to me, and oh what a jumper she is! I didn’t manage to take any pictures or videos. We stayed for about thirty minutes, and then my beloved said it was time for us to go. I’m thankful we were able to send some food with his wife for her drive up to CO. I am grateful he wisely said it was time for us to leave, for he needed to get to work, and I had a commitment with friends. At 10:50, D was heavy on my heart and I prayed for him, and at noon I learned that 10:50am was precisely when he headed out of the hospital.

3.29.13 – Ahhhh, and this is why I need to write. I remember there were several other moments throughout the day where I could clearly see God working and moving, but I can’t remember them now. Time to hit publish. Continuing to keep our beloved friends in our thoughts and prayers.

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