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GOOD Friday

March 29, 2013

We are so blessed.

My friendship is healing with one of my friends, and I am so grateful for this. We had a very sweet Easter Egg Hunt and potluck with a couple of dear friends–though we had hoped for a larger turnout (there were four mamas, and an awesome teenage cousin), it was a blessing how small it was, as we mamas shared several sweet conversations and our ten children played so well together!!! What a gift.





Spontaneously I swung by my landlord’s home to pay our rent, and he had just arrived to town fifteen minutes before, after spending the winter away. He seems like a grandpa, and I hope we can find ways to bless him. I am so grateful we could visit for a little bit, as we have been so blessed by him and with this home.

And today IS Good Friday. I am reminded of how we are held and loved by God. In each of the ways I mess up, for each of these reasons and so much more, this is exactly why Christ died, to pay the price for what I have done, for He loves us so much. We are forgiven, held, and so loved. As you may have noticed, I didn’t sleep much last night, and yet I feel so carried by God today. I hope to spend this afternoon well with my boys–time for some reading!!–and then I can’t wait for our church service tonight. Then an Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow am with our dear moms’ group, Sunday morning with our church family celebrating Jesus’ resurrection (and another Easter Egg Hunt there), and then we’ll spend our afternoon with some treasured friends. What a full weekend.

May you be blessed, dear ones!

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