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Quick thoughts from my week

May 25, 2013

I intended to write for five minutes before I went to bed last night…and ended up writing far more than that.

We’ll go for a bulleted list, as I meant to be brief (however this is not brief, as I had far too much on my mind to share).

– SF had pink eye this past week (I’m sparing you an icky photo of this!). It was draining, challenging to keep up with the mountains of laundry (easy to toss into the washing machine, but ohhhhhh wow how that pile of clean clothes did grow!), and soooo sweet staying home and simply BEING with my boys. In the moments, I paused and said thank you. For the moment of being on the floor with S and building with legos together. For playing with play dough (the soldiers battled, the dinosaurs tromped, a canoe was built, the Star Wars millennium falcon was the hero who kept swooping in and saving the day; the cookie cutters were used: cutting out play dough cookies, selling these cookies, and needing to buy each play dough cookie with kisses (my heart skipped beats with these sweet gentle kisses from my little boys)) For saying YES! to going outside and pushing SF around on his bike (ohhhhh how he loves it!!! He begs multiple times a day to come outside and push him, so he can ride his beloved bike). For watching S ZOOM across the yard and down our dirt driveway, pure unadulterated joy on his face as he pedals his bike. For DOING the dishes, praying while doing them, and seeing the beauty in the moment. For taking a moment to pick up some of the trash that is buried in our bushes from the former inhabitants of our home.


S is soooo happy on his bike.


S with his play dough. He’s created a canoe, with many people inside it, and birds perched along the sides of the canoe. 🙂

– For hearing my friend who said DO ONE THING, as in pick up ONE piece of trash in the bushes, wash ONE dish (ONLY one), fold ONE shirt, etc. And IF I want, I can do one more, or two more, or three more, or even continue if I’m on a roll and want to continue. But the point and the goal is to simply DO JUST one thing. SO freeing!!! And I have been doing one thing (and often many more, but my hurdle is in simply getting started!). It has felt sooooo good, and these mountains are turning out to be more like mole hills. Slowly but surely I am chipping away at the things I need to do.

– For the moments we’ve had with my beloved. Seeing and appreciating the ways he loves us, and being thankful for the time we’ve had together.


SUCH happy fellows!!! SF with his papa! On his papa’s MOTO! S with his papa!! And my beloved with his beloved boys! 🙂

– Stopping to SEE the exquisitely beautiful purple flower in our back yard. And saying thank you for the people who lived here before us, for someone loved beauty and planted these bulbs, and the first flower of the season is blooming. I love it.


 – I’ve really been struggling with food lately. It’s been hard to know what to eat (no dairy! no soy! no gluten–thus, no bread! no white rice! no bananas!), I haven’t really liked eating, and I haven’t been enjoying cooking. I’m working on changing this. I’m thankful for the small steps, and for each meal I DO feed my boys and each thing I DO eat.

– Today, Saturday, I went on a run this morning! It was glorious outside. Bright BLUE sky, dirt path, tiny purple flowers tucked against the side of one of the hills, birds swooping and singing, and yes…feeling every step and fighting hard to take just one more step, and just do the next thing. Soooo proud I did it. Only 1.36 miles, and I am looking forward to going again soon. Two eggs and some avocado for breakfast, a big smoothie for lunch, looking forward to a chia seed pudding shortly, and chicken soup is simmering away on the stove. Step by step, bite by bite, each small decision stacked firmly against the next, I’m thankful I’m changing my habits, continuing to grow, and doing more what I want to be doing with my time and my days.

– I am trying so hard to cut back on screen time. I make positive steps forward, I AM on my phone and our computer less, and then I get sucked in. A couple steps forward, a couple steps back, and yet I AM changing. I am thankful.

– I went to the grocery store on Thursday evening. It was a little chaotic… my helpers were “helping”, I was trying to do too many things at once, and then I almost choked at the bill. $798 ABOVE what it was supposed to be. Though I saw the price, I couldn’t even think how to respond, started to pay, yet thankfully the cashier caught it at the last second and stopped me, and the manager came over and refunded this back to me. WHEW. Right. Multi-tasking doesn’t work. PAY ATTENTION to the details. Speak up! Do ONE thing at a time. Now, it’s almost and rather comical… (no, I didn’t purchase almost $800 of tortillas…)

– I was sooo blessed by being able to see a sweet friend of mine on Thursday evening. She has moved away, yet she’s here for the weekend wrapping up life here. She’s been a gift to me, and I am thankful for the opportunity to show up and show love to her and her family.

– The sunsets have been absolutely spectacular. Such gifts, and they take my breath away. Seems God is saying, “See? Here I AM! I love you! Isn’t this fun?! Isn’t it beautiful?! Do you see Me?”


Wednesday night’s sunset. The picture doesn’t do it justice, as I simply couldn’t capture with my camera what my eyes were seeing.


Thursday night’s sunset. It was breath taking.

– There was a STRANGE noise outside yesterday evening… I searched around the house, couldn’t find the dying bird (or cat?), finally realized the noise was coming from UNDER my porch, peeked in through the tiny hole in the siding, and saw a mama cat and at least three kittens, who are at least 3-4 weeks old!!! OH MY. This will be interesting. My boys are ecstatic. Thankfully they know we are probably not keeping them. I haven’t put out food for the different cats that waltz through our yard. I wasn’t going to. But then I started thinking this is a MAMA cat, she’s NURSING, and she has babies! OF COURSE she is hungry and thirsty. I certainly was when I had babies… So out I went with water and a bowl of food. What are the implications of this? Will we be able to catch her or the kittens? We’ll see! (I put in a phone call to the animal shelter/humane society, and heard great news! More to come as this adventure unfolds…)


Happily–and seriously–discussing which kitten goes to whom. Oh dear. (That teeny hole is the one that allowed me to see the mama cat nursing one kitten, and two others scampering, tumbling, and playing. Oh my.)

– I was soooooo blessed with soooooo much love last week!!! Sweet friends had a picnic lunch with me at a nearby outdoor sculpture gallery (so lovely!), took me out to dinner on Thursday night, watched my boys so I could go on a date with my beloved Friday morning and then out for lunch sans kiddos with another friend who just moved away a few days ago–ohhhhh such sweet treasures these friends are!!!!–and then I headed home to pack. We camped Friday night, and what a sweet time that was!!! It was sooo beautiful up our mountain. Then Saturday morning on our hike, I realized SF had pink eye, so that changed the rest of our plans for the weekend. Though our plans changed, I have been grateful for these slow days at home.

Goodness gracious, that took FAR more than five minutes, so time to conclude this. I hope to get back to writing, as I’d rather write a little more frequently, than none…as I’ve missed writing, recording, remembering, and sharing.

Sending love to you, sweet friends.


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  1. May 25, 2013 5:18 pm

    Yay! Glad you are writing – it feels so good and you share so well! It is the simple life that is worth documenting!!

  2. Eighmey permalink
    June 5, 2013 5:53 pm

    I loved all of your bullet points! I miss our talks. You constantly remind me to SLOW DOWN, take a deep breath, and take it one step at a time. Also, just BE in the moment. Oh how I have struggled with this, thank you for this lovely post. What a lovely reminder. Can’t wait to hear more about the cat/kitten adventure.

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