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We can do Hard Things

June 6, 2013

This afternoon I remembered that Glennon likes to say, “We can do hard things”. Simon is working on riding his bicycle without training wheels by himself: he’s so close!! He CAN do it, he’s just scared when he realizes that HE is biking by himself. There is lots going on in his little 3 1/2 year old body right now, as he is working through and figuring out how to DO hard things.

So, tonight I said to him, “we can do hard things.” He didn’t think he could peel an orange, but he sat down, and as he was determinedly working away at peeling it, I heard him muse aloud, “we can do hard things.”

And I’ve been glaring at this pile of dishes–it certainly isn’t washing itself–and I realized, if Simon can peel that orange, I can start chipping away at this pile of dirty dishes. And so, I did. Woot! I washed all utensils, plates, and bowls! 🙂

He did it, he peeled his orange, and he was so happy and proud of himself. He kept laughing and smiling. An hour or two later, after he peeled and ate (some of) the orange and after we rode bikes again on our dirt driveway, he couldn’t stop hugging and kissing me. I think he was feeling really pleased with himself with what he had done, as well as connected to and appreciating the ways I have been encouraging him. He is such a sweet little lad.

These are such little insignificant things, and yet…I believe when we are faithful in the little decisions, with the monotony and in the hum drum of our daily decisions; YES, we CAN do hard things, and we will also be able to DO the next thing when it is bigger and harder, too.

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