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Vita Abundantior. The life abundant.

May 29, 2016

Monday, 30 May 2016.

Eucharisteo. Grace. Giving thanks. Giving. Thankful. Giving thanks precedes the miracle. All is grace.

Oh goodness, dear friends. My days, weeks, and months fly by. Is it almost a year since we moved to Poland?? In my days, in my moments, I have been seeking to walk faithfully with God. I’ve longed to be faithful in the mundane, to give thanks, to pause, and to love well. In and through so much, I have been and am thankful. And yet, I cannot believe it has been so much time since I have sat down to write and share. Could I sum up each month, in a sentence?? Each day has felt so full…and yet, through it all God is good. He is so good.


Perhaps I will come back to succinctly summarize these days and weeks and months, I’d like to try. But for now, this is enough:

He is good, always. 


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