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Right now, giving thanks

October 19, 2016

Wednesday, 19 October 2016.

“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries.

Today’s trouble is enough for today.” Matthew 6:34

Focusing, one step and one moment at a time, on what is before me.

Just for now, I give thanks:

  • For these tiny steps towards gentleness, being on time, loving one another well, being healthy, eating well, slowing down, noticing what is in front of me, putting my phone down, changing my habits, doing one small thing, chipping away at overwhelming tasks. I am moving forward and working on my goals.
  • Doing three sets of 10 squats, 5 push ups, and 3 pull ups, while starting a load of laundry.
  • Skip counting with my boys on our way to school, 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and on up through 12s to 120.
  • Though sluggish and fuzzy brained this morning, I moved forward and loved S&S one step at a time. Peacefully and with love, we walked out the door.
  • For a spontaneous date with my beloved at a scrumptious new restaurant.
  • Slowing down, listening carefully.
  • One learning to tie his shoes, and learning how to read. 
  • One memorizing a poem, reciting the lines over and over again.
  • I am thankful, to notice, pause, watch, and listen.
  • Watching them RUN and play, and laugh.
  • Great big belly laughs with our friends on our walk home from school. Her dear son was balking at carrying his backpack, he finally carried it, tossed it to his mother, and she caught it. All of us laughed great big belly laughs. It was delightful. I am thankful for our friends.
  • I ran 6km with my friend along the river, and it was great.
  • Conversing on the phone with my mom, and beginning our conversation with prayer. Bringing everything to Jesus’ feet, and placing everything and everyone in His gentle strong loving hands. He is Lord, Redeemer, Savior. My everything. Sovereign and in charge of the great big picture, and intimately involved and caring about the teeny tiny details in each of our lives.
  • Ironing four shirts, crisp and clean.
  • Step by step, doing this beautiful thing called Life.
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